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Passing by.

Hello again old friend.
What’s it been? five months and no writing?! Appalling!

I won’t even make a lame excuse such as ‘I didn’t have the time’-because, I have time.
We all have time.
The question is, what do you do with yours?

I’m not trying to be philosophical or anything, it’s just pure fact.
Like we talk about scarcity of resources, time is a resource we all use- every moment of every day.
Every action we take could have been changed for an alternative action.

Do we go out, do we stay in?
Read a book or watch a film?  (READ A BOOK WHILE WATCHING A FILM? winning)
Clean my room or cook some food?  (CLEAN MY ROOM?! joke.)
Time with family or time with friends? 
Go to school or get a job?

Our decisions with time are defined by those questions- ranging from the completely trivial to the frankly existential.

Recently, I’ve become aware of just how much time I ‘waste’.

Losing loved ones, never getting to say goodbye (what’s that? you were too busy to pick up the phone or even write a message?) Now you never can.
(It’s not all morbid like that though-it was just an eye opener).

What I’m really talking about is Opportunity Cost.
It’s one of those economic-sy words that gets thrown around a lot in class, but is also one of those rare words that actually holds true meaning outside the lecture hall too.

My year is up. Another year of university is closed (success-in-exams-willing).
I won’t be back next year. (Did I mention I found a job-haazar!)

Deciding to take a year out in the real world, I forgo another year with my friends, seeing them graduate and  just spending time with good people.
At the same time, I gain. Being in one of the best cities in the world (the greatest in my opinion), working, meeting new people and trying new things; Life is just beginning.

So how can you even begin to weigh up your options?

Every door you never open, is one more door that remains closed to you. Get too comfortable with what you already have and can already do and you might miss what the world….what time can offer you.

Tick tock goes the clock.

Dedicated to two missed individuals, whom had a far greater impact on my life than either of them will ever know.


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